New Volunteer Self-Check-In Stations on Pro

Cut back on admin time and responsibilities with volunteer self-check-in features!

We’re excited to launch 2 different types of check-in stations:

  1. Volunteers self-check-in on an organization’s computer or iPad via a kiosk. On the kiosk view, volunteers search for their name, and our smart system pulls up opportunities they registered for on that day.
  2. Volunteer can scan a custom QR code right from their smartphones to check in.
    • Common ways to use QR code Checkin:
      • QR Codes are perfect for big events or outdoor volunteer activities. Print these codes with instructions and display them at Volunteer Tables.
      • Organizations post QR codes with instructions on their volunteer entrance doors so volunteers never miss a check-in.
      • Instead of printing, if admins want to meet each volunteer that checks in, an admin will display a QR code on their phone and have a volunteer scan it.
      • Use QR code check-in for virtual volunteering. Add a QR to a presentation and display it over Zoom.

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