Everything you need to know about admins

Ready for some great news? You can have unlimited admins on POINT. You can add new admins by navigating to “Admins” > “Add new admin”.

If they already have an account on POINT, they’ll be able to log in with their current credentials. If they don’t have an account on POINT, the dashboard will create an account for them with a temporary password.

Account Owners

The user who creates the organization’s account automatically becomes the account owner.

Account owners have access to all events, settings, and your organization’s profile. To create multiple account owners, first add someone as an admin, and then click the drop down to change their role to Account Owner.

An account owner has access to:

  • Editing the organization profile
  • Adding or removing new admins
  • Integrations page
  • Subscriptions page
  • General settings

Admins have access to everything else!

Need help? Send us an email at support@pointapp.org or use the orange chatbox on the dashboard.

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