Did your kid tell you about POINT? You’re officially a GREAT parent! Your kid signed up for POINT so that they could do more good in our community! Congrats on raising a good one 👍

We know you have questions—every parent does—so we’ve got some answers.

What is POINT? 

POINT is a free volunteer app for students and volunteer management software for organizations.

How does it work?

Anyone older than 14 can download the free POINT app, follow the causes they care about and sign up to volunteer at local charity events by tapping “go”. When volunteers arrive, the charity will check them in and their volunteer hours are automatically calculated on the app. Keep in mind, POINT is similar to Eventbrite. Our team is a software provider for organizations and does not host volunteer events. Over 200 local nonprofits post their volunteer opportunities on POINT, so there’s always something good to do!


How do you keep my kid safe?

You can read all about our Terms of UseCommunity Guidelines, and Privacy Policy  but here’s the skinny:

  • Only verified 501c3 organizations can post events on POINT. (If your kid joined through their school, they also see their school’s volunteering events on their feed.)

  • When a POINT user signs up for an event, we share their name, email address, phone number, school (if applicable), and address with the charity. A charity needs this information from their volunteers for them to participate.

  • We don’t sell our users’ private information. We do collect anonymous grouped information of all of our users that we may report out in aggregate at any time.

  • POINT is FERPA, COPPA, and PPRA compliant.

Any concerns? Please contact us at support@pointapp.org.

How does POINT partner with schools? 

Schools and student clubs pair up with POINT to easily track student service hours or provide service learning opportunities for their students.

When a school signs up to use POINT, their email address will be connect their POINT account to their school’s dashboard. On the POINT dashboard, students’ activity is instantly synchronized from the POINT app. School admins can access features to manage school groups, track service hours, and see live analytics. This gets students out making an impact, and saves administrators several hours a week.

P.S. If POINT isn’t used by your kid’s school but you want it to be, email us

Want to do more good as a family? Great—we love you already. Here’s whatcha gotta do. 

  • You can sign yourself up for POINT on the App Store or Google Play by searching “POINT volunteer”.

  • Due to child privacy laws, only those 14 and up can sign up for POINT. But if you have younger kids, you are welcome to contact the charity you’re volunteering with and see if younger volunteers are able to come to the event with you.

Have questions? Want to contact POINT Headquarters? Let’s chat. Email us here.

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.