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POINT is the easiest way to volunteer, everrr. Our app makes it just as easy to do something good as it is to book an Airbnb or catch an Uber. 

Just pick a few causes you care about, find related events in your city, tap “go” and show up! 

POINT’s mission is to eliminate barriers to doing good through technology, and bring communities together on one central platform. 

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About the Campaign

We’re working with influencers to share about POINT’s Cincinnati expansion! We’d love to work with you on this campaign. The goal is to give your followers the ability to IMPACT and TAKE ACTION in your community.



  • Instagram Stories Video creation (detailed below)
  • Post to Instagram Stories


  • Become a POINT Partner (POINT Partner opportunities down below)
  • Get reposted on the POINT app Instagram
  • Connect with likeminded POINT influencers
  • Be considered for future POINT campaigns

Getting Started:

  • Find the app by searching “POINT” on the App store or Google play.
  • Download POINT 
  • Choose you city and pick a few causes that you care about
  • Bonus: Sign up and attend an event!


This will be your chance to give your followers a chance to download POINT app and #domoregood in your community. You can also give your followers a chance to meet you through POINT volunteer events.


[Include an example of Audrey & Leigha (unless you have other examples of talking about the app on Stories without attending an event and doing a takeover)]

What to Film:

1. App Intro: let your followers know that POINT volunteer events are now available in Cincinnati

  • “Hey! The coolest app is coming to Cincinnati – and it makes volunteering the easiest ever!”
  • “Finding fun volunteer opportunities is a challenge, but now POINT makes it easy!”
  • “I found the coolest app that just launched in Cincy – you can use it find volunteer events in your city and sign up by tapping ‘go’”

2.  App Display: Screen record yourself logging into the app and following the causes you care bout, as well as scrolling events

  • “All you have to do is download the app and pick a few causes that you care about”
  • “POINT makes finding volunteer events so easy! And the app suggests events based on your interests”
  • “POINT events are now in Cincinnati! Finding volunteer opportunities I care about is so easy now”

3. Call to Action: give your followers a chance to meet up with you at an event, or use screen polling to suggest different events

  • “Would you guys use the POINT app to find volunteer events?” (with a poll)
  • “Which event would you rather attend?” (with a poll)
  • “Who wants to meet up at a volunteer event in Cinci?” (with a poll)

Feel free to get creative and let your authenticity shine through!


Being a POINT Partner is the best way to use your influence to #domoregood in real life. Sharing with your followers what you care about and how you’re making impact irl is the best way to 

Perks of being a POINT Partner:

  • Invites to meetups and events for POINT
  • Additional growth and engagement on your Instagram
  • Consideration for future POINT campaign opportunities
  • Feeling good about the causes and partners you support
  • First opportunity for cool, private volunteering events

Thanks for helping more people in Cincinnati #domoregood together. We’re obsessed with you already. 

Questions? Have a charity you want to see on POINT? Want to express your undying love for what POINT is doing? Hit up our Director of Outreach at stephanie@pointapp.org

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.