How can I create a private event?

How can I create a private event?

How can I create a private event?

How to Make this Happen:

  1. When you create an event (Need help with this? Click here.), choose from the drop-down box if you want your event to be public or private.

  2. Then choose the group. Hint: You need to have the group already created by this step. For more information on creating a group, click here.

  3. The event will be shown to all the members on the group on their app. To let them know the event is ready for them to sign up, send the group an email or text with the sharable link.

  4. POINTer – If you are coordinating with a school or business and don’t have all their members information:

    1. Create an empty group with no volunteers.

    2. Make the event private for that empty group.

    3. Share the event link with the person you are coordinating with or your email list of volunteers (Use the green “Share” button – don’t copy and paste the link from the address bar).

    4. Only people who have the link will be able to sign up for the event.

Why Should I Create a Private Event?

  1. When you a publish an event, anyone on the POINT app can sign up and come to help out. When you create a private event, it will show up on the app to anyone who you have established as part of the group.

  2. Creating a private event is a great way to track your volunteer hours, increase engagement, and remind your volunteers of upcoming events with push notifications.

  3. Private events are great for company engagement days, background-checked volunteers, etc.

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