How volunteers submit their own hours through POINT

Want to track your hours outside of signing up for a specific volunteer event? Good news – it’s super easy. This is great for logging volunteer hours such as serving on a nonprofit board, tutoring, or doing admin tasks (like social media or filing).

When you submit hours, the organization will approve, edit, or deny your hours. Until the hours have been approved, they’ll be marked “Pending” on your profile. 

To submit your own hours to an organization* for approval, go to your profile > tap the hours’ icon on the top left > click “add hours” > fill out the required information > describe what you did at the event > then tap “add”. (Hint: if the organization is on POINT, their name and info will pop up. If not, you can enter it yourself!)

Access POINT through the mobile app

Access POINT through the web platform

Adding hours to a specific program.

Did your nonprofit ask you to submit hours for a specific program, such as Mentoring or Fundraising? When you go to submit your hours, tap “Program” and select the program you volunteered with.

Access POINT through the mobile app

Forget to sign up for an event you attended?

You can assign yourself to this event by tapping “Event” and then searching for the event you attended.

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