How to track gifts on my registry

The registry activity page is where you can find all of your donors information, statistics, and activity. You can sort the activity on this page by gifted vs funded items, date range, or urgency.

  • Total Donated is the number of individual users who have reserved an item or donated money for an item(s) the registry page.
  • Total Items is the number of items that have been reserved or funded
  • Total worth of items reserved is the monetary value of the items people have donated.
  • Total number of items funded is the number of items that people have donated money for from the registry.
  • Total amount funded is the cash amount that people have given to fund items from the registry. Remember, you’ll receive a check in the mail with these funds from POINT Global!

You can click the grey drop down arrow to see if the donor left a note with their reservation or donation.

Need help? Use the orange chatbox or send us a message at support@pointapp.org. We’re here to make POINT work for you.

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