How to Upload Employees to POINT

Bulk Employee Upload

You’ve signed up your company, created your profile, and are ready to add employees! Hooray! All you need is each employee’s name, email, and any relevant club/department statuses in one excel file (CSV).

For now, send this file to our Head of Community Outreach, Stephanie. She will get all of the employees uploaded to POINT and make sure they each receive an email with the company’s join code.

That’s right, for now you get to sit back and relax! We got it.

Adding Individual Employees

This is the tool for a new employee joining the team, or someone who might’ve gotten missed the first round of invites. Head to Employees > Invite > Add Employee. You can type in their information and even associate them with a group right off the bat. Then, they’ll receive an email invitation and will show up in the “Invited Employees” section.

Upload Employees to POINT

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.