Use POINT to power your website

Instead of spending time setting up event signups on your own website and on POINT, wouldn’t it be great if you could just do it once? Guess what…YOU CAN.

Introducing the POINT iframe.

What is an iframe?

Think of it like Webpage A embedded in Webpage B, like a mini-screen in a bigger one. You only have to update Webpage A, and then Webpage B synchronizes automatically.

Like how on a website for a local shop, they might embed a Google Maps on their contact page, and you can zoom out and scroll around on the map without affecting how the rest of the contact page is displayed.

Cool…how does a POINT iframe help my nonprofit? 

We created POINT because it’s as easy as “see, tap, go” for our users to sign up for a volunteer opportunity. We love simplifying things. The POINT iframe simplifies your life. You can make an event once on the POINT dashboard, and it updates your volunteer signup page on your website, automatically. Now you don’t need to link out to POINT, taking people away from your site, but you can still have them sign up all on one platform.

Volunteers can use POINT to sign up for opportunities while still on your website, you only have to create events once, and you compile all of your signups in one spot. Win-win-win.

How to embed the iframe on your site:

Navigate to “Integrations” > “Website Integration”.

Choose whether you’d like to display only Public Events or All Events (Including Private!). Copy and paste the embed code into your website host.

Here’s specific instructions for common website hosts:

Using the POINT iframe for Public vs. All Events 

You have two options for your iframe: you can post only public events on your site OR you can post all of your POINT events on your site. This would include both public and private events. Reminder: private events are only able to be seen by specific groups on POINT.

When your website visitors click on the link for private events, they will only see the title and date. To see the details and sign up for the event, the volunteer will be able to open the event in their app if they’re in the assigned group.

Need a refresher on how private events work? Check it out here.

Separating iframes by Programs

Have two separate webpages for different programs? No problem. Head to the “Integrations” page and then “Website Integration”.

Click Add Embed Code > Select Program. Name the iframe to categorize your different iframes on your dashboard and help remember which iframe codes you have generated. Note: you can have an iframe with more than one program.

For example, you might have “Fundraising Events” live on your Development page of your website, or you might have “Mentoring” and “Food Pantry” on the Direct Services page of your website.

Need a refresher on how programs work? Check it out here.

Have questions? Need help? Let us know using the chatbox on the dash or at support@pointapp.org.

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.