What does POINT's Dashboard Lite mean?

We know your nonprofit doesn’t have money to blow, and sometimes just needs an extra hand getting volunteers. That’s why we created the POINT Dashboard Lite: the basic functionality you need and should have to help manage your volunteer base, without the cost.


The Lite version allows you to create events on the dashboard to recruit volunteers through the POINT app. This free version of the platform is the simplest way to find volunteers.


We tell you who’s going to each event, and - better yet - we do automatic check-ins. Yes, you heard that right. We check your volunteers in as they show up to the event by verifying their location.

check in.png


On the Dashboard Lite we’re not leaving you on your own. We provide chat and email support to contact us if you need assistance.

Want more stats than just number of events and attendees? Want more specific data on your volunteers so you don’t have to do data entry ever again? You can sign up for the full POINT Dashboard wait list.