POINT Volunteer Management Workshops

POINT Volunteer Management Workshops

Whether you want to learn the basics or you're a nonprofit pro looking to level up your programs, this will help. POINT’s volunteer consultants will give you all the tips and tricks they know to creating a lasting, engaging and impactful volunteer program at your nonprofit.

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Volunteer Recruitment
Recruitment: Boost your peoplepower

5 Modules, 17 Lessons

Volunteer Management

Coming April

Manage: Do more good with supportive processes

5 Modules, 20 Lessons

Volunteer Engagement

Coming May

Engage: Improve volunteer experience & retention

5 Modules, 16 Lessons

Volunteer Reporting

Coming June

Report: Communicate your volunteer impact

4 Modules, 14 Lessons

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.