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Build better relationships with your corporate partners through our easy and innovative collaboration features.

Nonprofit and corporate partnerships made easy

Collaboration tools to engage with other organizations

POINT’s collaboration tools give a serious engagement boost to your partnerships with other local nonprofits, or different kinds of organizations. Did you know that schools and companies can also join POINT? They get a dashboard similar to yours, but with a few key differences. When an organization creates a POINT account it enables you to do amazing things together.

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Collaboration tools

Create private events for your corporate or
school partners

Events on POINT can be set to public or private. When you create a private event, you can use our group management features to invite only specific volunteers to sign up. You’ll get a custom URL for that event that you can share out with your partners, or that schools or companies can send out. And if the volunteers from those organizations are already on POINT, they will see the event in their personalized feed, right at the top.

Co-host events with
POINT organizations

When an organization joins POINT, it enables you to collaborate with them to co-host events. By adding a co-host when you create an event, you share the ability to manage volunteers. This means that they can invite volunteers, easily communicate with those signed up, edit the event info, and check volunteers in. Also, event statistics are automatically shared with all co-hosts and added to their organization’s total impact on the dashboard. You can easily publicize your joint impact on social media or other platforms by sharing out the automatically generated event statistics.

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Co-host events

Easily analyze and report on partnership impact

Even if a company you partner with doesn’t have a POINT account, sharing impact data with them is simple. You can share a report of their team’s hours and impact after private events so their employees feel accomplished and the company can use it in their CSR or year-end reports for clients, customers, employees, or
board members.

Using our group functions, you can add all employees from a company to a group and use it to filter your total impact statistics. You can export that data and share it with companies so they can see their employee’s total impact over multiple events, and any employee volunteer hours outside of company-sponsored events.

You can also use our reporting and analytics features to share your nonprofit’s total partnership impact throughout the year. Use groups and filters to tally up all of the volunteer hours and donations received through your partnerships, and add that data to year-end or grant reports, publicly-facing reports, or anything else that can benefit your nonprofit!

Easily analyze and report

Collaborative partnerships
are a win-win-win

Strengthen and grow
corporate partnerships

Collaborative partnerships with companies have mutual benefits. Not only do you get to know talented people who can be general volunteers or who can volunteer their professional skills to help your organization when needed, but you also establish a partnership that could lead to more corporate donor funding or in-kind sponsorships for your nonprofit. And the company benefits from a stronger social impact or CSR (corporate social responsibility) program that is attractive to potential hires, they improve their image in the community as a business who cares, and they keep their employees engaged and happy.

Strengthen and grow corporate partnerships

Inspire the next generation with school partnerships

Collaborating with schools helps you find young, passionate volunteers who can bring energy and creativity to your organization, and may become inspired by your mission. School-sponsored experiences enable them to get involved in helping their communities at an early age and hopefully continue those habits through adulthood. Plus, high school students especially benefit by putting their community service experiences in their
college applications.

Inspire the next generation with school partnerships

Partner with other POINT nonprofits

There are many benefits to improving your partnerships. When you collaborate with other nonprofits, it gives more possibilities to both of your organizations to make a meaningful impact on complicated, intertwined social issues in our communities. You both boost your people power, advance your mission, and further your reach in your city (or beyond!).

Ready to build stronger nonprofit partnerships?

Our collaborative partnership tools are right here waiting for you! We’d love to get to know your organization and welcome you to POINT! Wanna dive a little deeper first? Book a demo with us! Ready to get started? Sign up for free! We can’t wait to help you change the world. (And we’re excited to see your cute little logo listed on our app under the causes you support 🤗 )

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